How to encrypt your hard drive

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How to encrypt your hard drive Empty How to encrypt your hard drive

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Hello everyone if you want to encrypt your hard drive so other people cant access it or you have incriminating items then this is the tutorial for you. This is a tutorial for FULL disk encryption

Step 1: Download veracrypt from the website (Note this uses the same source as truecrypt but it is still being updated) then install the program

Step 2: Open the program, select a unused drive and on the bottom right click the Create Volume button then select "Encrypt entire system partition" and click next

Step 3: Click through until it asks you to pick encryption type and password. Now for purposes you can select AES and type in your SECURE password. Passwords should be at a minimum 10 characters long and contain number and symbols. Do not select "use key files" once you are done click next

I advise writing down your password if you fear you might forget it

Step 4: Now you should be on the volume format page, move your mouse around for at least a minute so it generates you a good random pool. Once you have done that click format and wait for it to load the next screen

Step 4.5 (optional): At some point it will ask you to save a .iso file, save it to your desktop then burn it to a DVD.

Step 5: Next follow the onscreen instructions and it will restart your PC a few times to make sure everything is working good.

Step 6: After it gives you a test encrypt restart and you type in the password before windows starts re open vera crypt

Step 7: It will ask you if you are ready to encrypt click yes and it will start to encrypt your files (can take a LONG time)

Step 6: Once it is done you click finish and your PC is now fully encrypted! Restart and you will have to enter your password before you can access anything!

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How to encrypt your hard drive Empty Re: How to encrypt your hard drive

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