converting .zip files to .ipa

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converting .zip files to .ipa Empty converting .zip files to .ipa

Post by Kaysharp

It is basic really.

Mind me i'm on windows 7 so i will showing how you do it on windows 7

open up any windows explorer

You should see a tool bar including file,edit,view,tools and help

If you can not see this, press ALT and you should be able to.

Then you click on tools > folder options > view

In the list you should see hide extensions for known file types un check that and click ok. Then go to your .zip file you want to convert to .ipa. right click on it and you should see a long list,

>> Click rename

>> Delete the .zip part

>> press enter and wo la you have a .ipa file.

Remember this tutorial is apps that are downloaded as .zip files.

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